Marquee Heating

As well as marquee hire we also have the ability to supply freestanding log burners. These can act as a great focal point for the marquee as well as keeping your guests warm. 

There are numerous benefits to using Log burners in your marquee. Log burners are a reliable form of heating. They are not affected by freezing temperatures, power cuts and broken pipes like other heating systems. Therefore you can be sure that your guests are going to be comfortable inside the marquee.

The logs used to fuel our log burners are a renewable fuel source. The logs do give off carbon dioxide, however we replace the trees to neutralise our carbon footprint.  

We also are able to supply double sided log burners. These can act as a centrepiece for your marquee, where people can gather round to socialise in a cosy atmosphere. Below you can see some of our double sided log burners in action.